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$19 for a One-Time Visit

Simply select a dietitian or nutritionist and connect for just $19 per visit. Our team is top-notch, and will answer your questions and provide advice for 10 minutes.

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Kick Starter

$59/Week for 1 Month

Want to Move the Needle? Your dietitian or nutritionist can help you every week for a month, to ensure you have the support and coaching you need to achieve your goals. Sign up now to speak with your Personal Coach for 30 minutes every week.

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Make a Difference

$119/Week for 3 Months

Change doesn’t happen in a day! Do you have health or weight concerns that have persisted? Do you want a coach who can support you and guide you step-by-step? Sign up now to speak with your Personal ‘Make a Difference’ Coach for 60 minutes every week.

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*Some insurance companies and employers cover dietitian or nutritionist health visits. Contact your Human Resources department or health insurance company TODAY to see if your visit is covered!

Meet some of our dietitians and nutritionists

Ken Sylvan

Ken Sylvan


“I am certified in a well-researched system based on stress-reduced fat loss. With over 18 years of experience, and a deep understanding of how emotion or health-related stress effects your weight, I am happy to be your Personal Coach.”

Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN

Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN

Registered Dietitian

Fueling for High Energy ♦ Stop and Reverse Cancer and Heart Disease ♦ Power Packed Eating

Jenille Hutchinson

Jenille Hutchinson

Clinical Dietitian

“I counsel and educate Mental Health clients on the importance of preventing metabolic syndrome, by consuming nutritious foods to effectively fuel the body and mind for optimal health and wellness.”

Laurie Van Wyckhouse

Laurie Van Wyckhouse

Diabetes Educator

“Using all that I’ve learned as an experienced Master level Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator, for those with diabetes, I help them control weight, glucose, hyperlipidemia, and blood pressure in a low risk, self-paced environment.”

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The benefits of an online visit


Access a nutritionist or dietitian from anywhere, at any time — even while reading the menu in a restaurant!



Dietitians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or, as part of a regular plan, you can pre-schedule appointments every week to fit your schedule.


Just sign in and talk to your Personal Coach — a dietitian or nutritionist. No travel or worries — just personalized service now, or weekly coaching and advice.



Your information, concerns and food plan are kept safe and secure throughout the visit, and afterwards. No worries, just a healthier and happier you!

Reasons to Talk to a Dietitian or Nutritionist Personal Coach

Weight Management

  • Excess Weight in Stomach Area
  • Overall Weight Problems
  • Need to Gain Weight
  • Yo-Yo Weight Problems

Chronic Conditions

  • Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
  • Allergies, Yeast Infections
  • Digestive Issues: Irregular Bowel Movements, Bloating, Acid Reflux, IBS, Colitis
  • Inflammation, Skin Rashes, Acne


Meal Planning

  • Family Meal Plan
  • Kid’s ‘Go to School’ Lunches
  • At Work Eating
  • Eating Out Program
  • Gluten-Free Diet
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Diet
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vitamins & Supplements

Brain, Hormones & Food

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD
  • Trouble Falling and Staying Asleep
  • PMS Symptoms, Menopause
  • Migraines and Brain Fog

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Now is the time to choose foods that shape your healthier life!

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