Want to support the health of your employees?

SalusWell offers nutrition and weight management support for your employees — to prevent chronic disease or address other health concerns.

You refer your employees, and our network of dietitians and nutritionists work with them to achieve their goals.

The ABC’s of getting started …

Sign Up

  • Your employees can sign up today and start talking to a Personal Coach right away.
  • We take the time to understand your employees’ needs and personal situation.


  • Our easy-to-answer list of questions allows your employee and their Personal Coach to ‘zero in’ on the optimal plan.


  • Employees speak to their Personal Coach via the proprietary and confidential SalusWell secure, one-on-one online video system.




Insurance Benefits

As a health benefit to employees, many employers and health plans reimburse for dietitian services..

By recommending the SalusWell network, your employees receive personal coaching from the privacy of their home, at a time that fits their schedule.

Features You’ll Love!



Your employees can schedule time with a dietitian or nutritionist based on what works best for their schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Employees can send and receive secure messages between themselves and their Personal Coach


The system summarizes the personal health for all registered people, including their health status as it relates to their weight management and nutrition goals.


Communicate with dietitians, nutritionists or other professionals online to get the best advice and plans to meet their goals


Your employees can set their goals with their Personal Coach, and you can track their progress in real-time, to help achieve and/or redefine their goals


Employees can consult about the right foods, how to balance their daily meal plans, and the supplements or exercise which will help them achieve their goals — with a plan built around their preferences


Employees have real time access to the system and their food history, allowing them to refer back and see good patterns, as well as ask questions


As they achieve even small victories, they can share their progress so their Personal Coach can help them celebrate every step along the way!

Web or Phone

Based on their preference, your patients can consult with their dietitian or nutritionist via our secure video system, or they can speak to their Personal Coach over the phone, while their information is reviewed directly, online.

Get Started >

There are a number of basic SalusWell questions that every patient will answer, helping their Personal Coach learn about their current situation, their health status, and their goals. As the referring physician, if you have special forms you would like your patient, or their dietitian or nutritionist to fill out, provide those to us at SalusWell, and we will embed them into your personal work flow process. It’s important you are kept informed.

The Personal Coach will build a plan, and offer diet or menu suggestions for your patient to implement between now and their next online visit. They mutually schedule the follow-up, and we send the reminders!



How to Choose a Dietitian or Nutritionist

Log In and Review Available Dietitians and Nutritionists

Choose Important Criteria to Address Your Goals

Get Notified and Start Your Personal Coaching Session

Now is the time to choose foods that shape your healthier life!

SalusWell can help you get healthier, faster! Register now for access to a dietitian or nutritionist 24 hours a day.