Dawn Van Dam

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a background in Economics and Organizational Management, Dawn is a strong leader with the ability to motivate and inspire people to out-perform expectations, try new initiatives and apply sound judgment to problems. She has a passion to improve the health care system and to accelerate the adoption of new discoveries in Life Sciences.

With a proven performance in accelerating sales results and growth, Dawn is an expert at building new business partnerships and business lines, performance turn-around situations, and restructuring and reorganizing. The environments that she has worked in range from start-ups to ‘clean-ups’ to billion-dollar organizations in life sciences, consumer products and health care organizations.

Mick Majid

Mick is a successful business management professional with a proven, consistent track record of business start-ups, growth and P&L of multinational corporations, including leading Fortune 500 firms in diverse markets of pharmaceuticals, devices, consumer goods, foods and lifestyle products. He has a strong background as a Senior Executive with an education in Diagnostic Life Sciences.

Mick has an extensive and diverse experience from new business start ups to successful turn-around of established operations of diverse markets. He is a proficient all-around management practitioner with a highly applicable background and exceptional leadership, communication, presentation, and collaborative team-building skills.

Jenille Hutchinson

Jenille is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Science program in Food and Nutritional Sciences from Brescia University College at the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduation, she decided to continue her studies in the combined masters and internship program at Western. In addition to her studies in Foods and Nutrition, she had previously obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McMaster University. Currently, Jenille is working as a Registered Dietitian in the area of Mental Health at William Osler Healthcare System.

Combining the knowledge and skill-sets from these two degrees, along with her experience working in the fields of mental health, homecare, industry and food services, Jenille strive to teach Canadians the importance consuming nutritious foods to effectively fuel the body and mind for optimal health and wellness.

Ian Hochberg, MBA

Ian received his Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Studies from York University. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in History and Political Science.

He is a seasoned management consultant who demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to clients and their projects. He provides leadership in the preparation of actionable strategic business plans and works closely with clients to ensure their successful development and implementation. Ian seek opportunities to work with business visionaries from idea formation through corporate development and beyond.

Ian also serves as the Co-Founder and CFO of UNICORN™ which focuses on changing the fundamentals for pet health and longevity by extending the “food chain” from the production of superior pet foods to technology-driven, pet-specific portion management systems to nutrition monitoring and to veterinarian-connected pet health alerting systems.

Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN

Teresa received her doctoral degree in nutrition from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. She completed two Bachelor of Science degrees from Iowa State University in dietetics and consumer food science.

Teresa has 20+ years in a variety of dietetic and nutrition settings including clinical, food service management, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, private practice and entrepreneurial venture positions. Highlights include founding cooking light classes for a medical facility where she demoed her own recipes. She setup in the Dallas-area a thriving private practice through collaboration with local medical practices. Teresa have given hands-on food presentations in the community through her prior position in an outpatient cancer center.

She enjoys teaching students at Benedictine University in Illinois and Mansfield University in Pennsylvania in their masters level nutrition programs. Teresa has also given numerous state and national level presentations (20+) to both to health professionals on using the latest technologies and best business practices to help more people and the public on eating for energy.