Hear how Salus Well can support you!

The Salus Well system made it much easier to check-in with my clients, especially the ones who are always on the go. It’s fast and convenient!

Robert Newman

Nutritionist, Charlottesville VA

For years I’ve struggled with my weight and for years I’ve struggled with retaining someone affordable who can assist me with my diet. Salus Well arrived when I needed it the most and connected me with the best dietitian I’ve had in years.

Amelie Baurman

Client, Boston MA

I have a family history of digestive issues and diabetes so when my doctor stated that I was starting to develop those symptoms, I panicked. I was much too young to be dealing with these conditions and I knew I had to step it up if I was going to avoid this family heath curse. My nutritionist Judy has been a godsend, she’s patient, understanding and knows when to get on my case when I start to indulge in sweets too much.

Juan Fonseca

Client, Niagara Falls ON

By nature of where I work, I get a lot of clients who require extra care and attention. I had a family emergency and was unable to assist one of my clients who had been on a strict regimen in order for them to no longer be listed as pre-diabetic. Salus Well’s 24/7 system made it so one of my colleagues could help my clients while I was away unexpectedly and they had access to my notes and her food log. Once my family emergency was taken care of, I was able to see the notes my colleague had taken about my client so that I kept fully abreast upon my return.

Natalie Cruz

Nutritionist, New York City NY