While breakfast is still a special part of the day, it has become focused on emerging notions of targeted nutrition — with an occasional added spoonful of indulgence.

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The Social Transformation Of Breakfast


What do avocado toast, overnight oats, and the occasional acai bowl have in common? They are all trendy breakfast foods! They are also great ways to enjoy the most important meal of the day for a busy lifestyle. Here we will discuss the evolution of breakfast in terms of nutritional value, convenience, and accessibility.


The Hartman Group, who studies consumers food and beverage trends, states that "’starting the day right’ became a cultural mantra that reverberates across America to this day." That being said, breakfast’s focus has changed to be one of nutritional awareness than one that keeps your hunger satisfied. Due to a changing busy lifestyle, over time, people have found it difficult to have the time for breakfast. Thus, they opt for a quick alternative that may or may not be as healthy.


In your daily life, have you noticed that you are always in a rush to get the children to school and then get yourself to work on time? Often, this means skipping a traditional breakfast and opting for a grab-and-go option that is less nutritious? A traditional breakfast, such as eggs and toast, requires time to prepare that many working families do not have. Thus, people may reach for a processed granola bar and bottle of juice while on the go as this is nutrient dense alternative.


While many have transitioned to convenient meals, they tend to choose items that have a short ingredient list that does not include high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or preservatives.

Flavor is also a key factor in deciding what to eat. Should you like sweet, you may prefer fruit. Should you prefer savory, how about having a breakfast burrito?


The American breakfast has undergone many changes over time.  Many people prefer traditional breakfast foods such as eggs, bacon, and toast as these are comfort foods. With on-the-go lifestyles, people opt for a breakfast that is quick, convenient, and more nutritious than a traditional sit-down style breakfast   Due to these changes in American culture and lifestyle, eating breakfast has now become a solitary activity. Families are spending less time eating together and more time eating on the go. There is also a rise in pre-portioned breakfast meal preps, as these are quick and convenient for busy lifestyles.


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