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Where to Start for Healthy Eating

Where to Start for Healthy Eating

I am so glad you are here asking yourself where you should start. I know your head is swimming with so many things you need to do, should do, must do. It can be daunting.


Start with your why for eating healthier. Why do you want to eat better? No, not because your doctor told you to, or you overheard the lady getting coffee in front of you talking about her latest diet, or you saw someone you hadn’t seen in a while that looked much younger and you are ready to make some changes.

This is a deeper why. Why do you want to be healthy? Why is it critical for you at this moment to feel and live differently? For me, it is my parents. I have one parent getting close to 80 years young and it takes him a couple hours to get ready for the day because of the nausea, pain, and overall slow moving pace he goes. A good day is when he gets up and is able to cross off something on his todo list. Many days are not so good and he sits in his chair and listens to the television because it hurts too much to get up.

My mom is very different. She teaches yoga three times a week (just got certified as an instructor), is on the board of the Over 60 Club, and still takes blood pressures for members at our church a couple times a month. I want to live like her up until my last days. She has survived four cancers and raising five kids. She changed her eating drastically the day she was diagnosed with her first cancer and has stuck with it since. I want to be like her.

Your why may be living independently for the rest of your life (I want that too), or go a day without pain, get off diabetes medication and not be afraid of eating out, travel outside the country, go on mission trips, attend your grandkids activities, or play tennis weekly with friends. There are a bunch of possible reasons why you want to start on this journey now, but get clear right now.

Your why will often be tied to a current health problem or a health problem you know is coming soon if you don’t do something. It might be a family member or a friend who is now gone but could have been here for her loved ones if it wasn’t for their health, or the lifestyle you want to live into your last years, Or it might be like me, a strong personal example you know of how you don’t want to live and instead do want to live. Write it down, save it somewhere you can pull it out regularly to remind yourself.

After your why, you want to get specific on what you are going to change for the better. Checkout the next post on What to Tackle First for Healthy Eating.

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