SalusWell is the optimal solution for Lifestyle Care that focuses on prevention and chronic disease management. Ultimately treating the cause and not the symptoms for healthier life.


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Our Story

SalusWell is both, a result of kind of personal and professional dilemma that inspired us to re-evaluate the “serious” question about how to promote lifestyle health and well-being. After spending time under a Dietitian’s care, I Mick, founder of SalusWell, came to realization that all of us can feel much better if we simply take charge of our nutrition and exercise to prevent illness and manage chronic illness.

Mick Majid SW1

Mick’s Story

When I had my annual checkup, I was informed by my personal physician that I had high cholesterol, high A1C which placed me as pre-diabetic. I was asked to  pay attention to my nutrition and exercise and loose weight. I asked what I could do to loose my weight? My physician handed me a sheet that had 900 calories a day meal plan. I was told to find a Dietitian who could help me. I asked my physician to recommend a Dietitian, he unfortunately could not. However, later I found a Dietitian who could help me. My first question to the Dietitian was; “Why don’t Dietitians and Physicians  work together to help patients like me?” She replied, “We have never done that, but can certainly help the Doctors by being part of the care team.”

I spent next 4 months working with the Dietitian. She helped me with nutrition without putting me on any crazy diet. The result, I lost weight, lowered my  cholesterol and lowered my A1C. The best part was that my wife took charge of preparing meals that were nutritious and healthy as suggested by my Dietitian. Now we are living healthier and happier life.

I WAS very active in sports most of my life. I played squash, tennis and golf. I had lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. My active life took a turn when I started travelling  professionally. Staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, long travel times on planes, car and sitting in meetings for long periods. This took a toll on my healthy lifestyle and my health.

Taking care of yourself is not complicated or too late. I am enjoying an active and healthy life now.

Teresa’s Story

I am a working mom with 4 kids. I am busy with church and my kids’ activities. I practice what I preach. I make a healthy lifestyle easy for myself – auto-programming habits of health into my life.

My life was not always this way.  My inspiration for how I eat and invest in my health comes from my parents.

My dad passed away at 79 years young.  His last ten years of life were very hard – it took him hours to get ready for the day. Eating and walking around the house were a struggle.  He complained of aches and pains and much of his life was going to doctor appointments for his 21 heart stents put in since his open-heart surgery at 48 years young.

My mom is the complete opposite. She is 78 years young and at 73 became a yoga instructor.  She teaches yoga three or more times a week and attends a class almost every day.  She is on the board of the over 60 local group and runs circles around most of the members in the group.  My mom has had her share of health issues – surviving four cancers.  The day my mom was diagnosed with her first cancer she changed her diet entirely.  She also got more intentional about her exercise and manages her stress with yoga.  She has an active and intentional healthy lifestyle

It is not too late for you to turn things around. I am thankful my parents inspired me to invest in my health and well-being.  I feel amazing every day and you can too.


Advance the quality of healthcare delivery by optimizing efficiency and productivity via innovations that will enhance personal health and wellness.


To provide and support all customers with user-friendly Innovative Technology Solutions that will promote efficiency in all aspects of health care, patient care and service.


We are focused on health, wellness, prevention and disease management. Our goal is to promote health and wellness in the community and workplace and to foster an atmosphere of education and engagement with health and wellness programs.

Mick Majid SW1
Mick Majid

Mick is a life sciences and business management professional with experience in diverse industries which are pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and lifestyle health products. He has a strong background as a Senior Executive in diagnostic life sciences working in hospitals with an education in Diagnostic Life Sciences.

Mick feels we have over complicated health for ourselves by focusing on treating symptom and not focusing on the cause of our illnesses. As a life sciences professional Mick believes we can feel much better than we currently do. Our current healthcare system is not working based on the current epidemic of chronic lifestyle related conditions that now flood our clinics and hospitals.

Mick feels lifestyle healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated. From personal experience he has found that when you pay attention to healthy nutrition and exercise, good health feels better than you ever have before. He wants to help transform health care that focuses on prevention and chronic disease management while treating the cause and not only the symptom.

Teresa Pangan RDN1
Teresa Pangan

Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN is a top authority in making lasting lifestyle changes and entrepreneurial ventures. Currently she helps people feel amazing daily with her nutrition private practice. Teresa also gives keynote presentations to the public and worksite groups empowering them with the straight facts on how to ramp up their life and transform their health.

Teresa loves to share her expertise with other dietitians through speaking, writing and teaching.  She has done several keynote presentations for professional state dietetic associations and professional groups like the dietetic practice group Nutrition Entrepreneurs. Her writing contributions include contributing chapters for the books Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, Competitive Edge, and Making Nutrition Your Business: Private Practice and Beyond.

Teresa received her doctoral degree in nutrition and a minor in business from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. She completed two Bachelor of Science degrees from Iowa State University. Additionally, she has completed certification programs in personal branding and social media.

Lauren Fleming 3
Lauren Fleming

Lauren is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with a passion for staying active and, of course, food. Lauren has counseled clients of all ages with a wide range of chronic diseases and nutrition concerns. Lauren’s personal food philosophy is eating ‘whole’istic and sustainably. She is a big advocate of embracing a positive lifestyle, that includes mental and physical balance and shifting focus away from measurements and numbers.

She understands that every person has a unique journey to health and wellness, and may respond best to different foods or diets, so she focuses on an individualized approach in her practice. She is certified in mat work Pilates and aerial conditioning through Breath Pilates and Fitness. She completed an undergraduate degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, followed by a Master of Science degree in Food and Nutrition at University of Western Ontario in London.

Jenille Hutchinson

Jenille is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Science program in Food and Nutritional Sciences from Brescia University College at the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduation, she decided to continue her studies in the combined masters and internship program at Western. In addition to her studies in Foods and Nutrition, she had previously obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McMaster University. Currently, Jenille is working as a Registered Dietitian in the area of Mental Health at William Osler Healthcare System.

Combining the knowledge and skill-sets from these two degrees, along with her experience working in the fields of mental health, homecare, industry and food services, Jenille strive to teach Canadians the importance consuming nutritious foods to effectively fuel the body and mind for optimal health and wellness.

We follow a philosophy that lifestyle and nutrition are first-line medicine and the cornerstone of good health. Drawing on cutting edge research and professional practices of the registered dietitians and the doctors, the secret to preventing disease and achieving wellness revolves around four critical pillars: food, movement, relaxation, and sleep. By making small, incremental changes in each of these key areas, you can create and maintain good health—and alleviate and prevent illness.

"Telehealth technology is helping to improve care management and coordination for the estimated 30 million Americans living with diabetes. Now, providers are moving into connected care technology to help more than 84 million at risk of acquiring the chronic disease."

"The American Medical Association is once again lobbying for more telehealth in the Diabetes Prevention Program, arguing that digital health access to coaching and health and wellness resources could help roughly 84 million Americans avoid diabetes."

"A recent study by CDC reported that the average worker consumed approximately 1,300 calories of foods obtained at the office every week."


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