About Us

Saluswell was inspired by a personal and professional dilemma that inspired us to examine the question of how best to promote lifestyle-based health and wellbeing. After spending time under a dietitian’s care, the founder of Saluswell came to the realization that nutrition and exercise are the true key to preventing illness and managing or in some cases reverse chronic lifestyle diseases.

Who We Are

We are registered dietitians, personal trainers, physicians, and other care providers, working together online to provide the best evidence-based lifestyle medical and preventative care.

Who We Serve

We serve those individuals who want to stay healthy, prevent lifestyle diseases or address their chronic conditions through meaningful and effective lifestyle changes. Our care providers are passionate about your health.

Our Team

We’re united by our passion for lifestyle health and wellness.

We have come together virtually to fulfill our mission of empowering people to unlock healthier, happier, and longer lives. We are growing to meet the health and wellness needs of our communities, and we believe in working together, collaboratively, for a healthy cause: lifestyle health and wellness. 


Headshot of Mick Majid

Mick Majid​

Founder & CEO

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Adam Weinmann


Headshot of Karim Keshavjee

Karim Keshavjee

MD, MBA, Medical Officer

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Jenille Hutchinson


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Lauren Fleming



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Dan Bordenave


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Dan Lynch


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David Ditor