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Saluswell: A Unique Online Lifestyle Health & Wellness Experience

When it comes to the future of health and wellness, the trend is clear: health professionals and consumers alike are increasingly focusing their efforts on preventative medicine. More and more, health professionals are examining the role of our lifestyle – our diet, physical activity, sleep and stress management – on our health and our risk of chronic diseases. There’s a very good reason to focus on lifestyle medicine: 80% of heart disease and stroke¹, and 78-83% of Type 2 diabetes²³ could be prevented through healthy diet and physical activity! Unfortunately, the existing healthcare system is still built around a system of “sickness care,” rather than lifestyle medicine. That’s where Saluswell comes in!

Saluswell’s unique lifestyle medicine concept will offer a premium, collaborative healthcare experience for individuals who want to take charge of their health and wellness. This will revolutionize these individuals’ healthcare by actively reducing the risk of lifestyle illnesses and fighting chronic diseases.

At its core, this online lifestyle medicine app brings physicians, dietitians and other health professionals together, pooling their expertise, credentials and experience to transform the health of individuals. The Saluswell app will start by bridging the gap between physicians and dietitians, and expand by bringing on personal trainers, nurse practitioners and other health professionals, to provide customized and innovative care.

But why start with dietitians? Nutrition is the foundation in preventing lifestyle diseases. “In order to address the burden of lifestyle chronic disease, we have to have a team, and dietitians must be part of that team,” says Ontario cardiologist Dr. Faraz Masood.

The Saluswell Lifestyle Health & Wellness App will deliver a lifestyle-focused healthcare experience for healthier and happier individuals. Saluswell’s vision is to create a place where clients receive the best quality lifestyle medicine through the collaborative efforts of dietitians, physicians, and personal trainers. We want to revolutionize the way quality health care is provided, and we are tirelessly committed to this vision.

“At Saluswell, we take a holistic approach to nutrition, healthy eating and physical activities. It’s not just about calories or grams of fat. Instead, we look at the whole person ­– their lifestyle, background, and food preferences,” says co-founder and dietitian Adam Weinmann, MHSc, RD. “We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best lifestyle care possible. This means individualized recommendations based on evidence from nutrition research and delivered by top notch nutrition experts.”

Saluswell will offer something for everyone. Whether they are dealing with the challenges of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune illness, cancer or food allergies, clients will be able to get customized meal plans, virtual coaching with dietitians and personal trainers, and unwavering professional support to help make a healthy lifestyle a reality.

“For me, simply, Saluswell is about empowering individuals and communities toward healthier and happier lives,” said Mick Majid, Founder & CEO. “There needs to be a greater focus on lifestyle, prevention and more effective management of chronic diseases.”

That’s where Saluswell dietitians and personal trainers come in: a team of wellness and nutrition experts who help others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that address their unique needs and health goals.

“As we are building this platform, many physicians and dietitians are referring to us as the engine that will revolutionize healthcare,” says Majid. “We are proud to launch the Saluswell Lifestyle Health & Wellness App, which will help people achieve happier and healthier lives by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.”

Among the Saluswell app’s key offerings are:

  1. Lifestyle care and health management:
    We are changing the way you want to manage your health with a personal lifestyle care provider to help prevent chronic illnesses and manage your health challenges.
  2. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome:
    The focus here is on ever-so-important optimal management of blood sugar levels. Meal planning, timing and ratio of key food groups play a major role, making dietitians essential players.
  3. Heart and vascular health:
    Individualized personal nutrition therapy, coupled with ongoing evaluation of triglyceride and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar, is the best bet for optimal management and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  4. Food allergies/sensitivities and gut issues:
    Good health starts with a healthy gut! Identifying problem foods, correcting deficiencies and restoring a compromised gut form the basis of effective care for food allergies, food sensitivities and digestive health issues.
  5. Weight loss and management:
    An individualized approach, not a cookie-cutter plan, is the only path to successful and sustainable weight management. Our nutrition experts will work with you to build a plan that fits your unique lifestyle and needs.


Who are we?

Saluswell is a product of Cyglera Health Systems, a privately held company. Cyglera is a pioneer in the healthcare industry, offering key experiences that extend from the development of medical software. It now offers a full line of lifestyle health and wellness management services tailored to consumer needs. We are driven by a vision to empower people’s lives through fitness and health, making the communities we serve healthier and happier. Saluswell is poised for growth nationally and internationally.

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