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Revolutionize collaborative lifestyle medical & preventative care

The area of lifestyle medicine is rapidly expanding, as clinicians and patients alike are recognizing the roles of nutrition and exercise in building happier, healthier lives. We at Saluswell believe there is a considerable and unmet opportunity to provide evidence-based guidance using the lifestyle medicine model through Saluswell app, to achieve better health outcomes for clients and patients.

Our unique and innovative HIPAA-compliant lifestyle health management app is built for and by registered dietitians and doctors for better collaboration, resulting in improved patient care outcomes and inspiring lifestyle health success stories.

Let’s revolutionize lifestyle health care together for individual’s better health!

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  • A registered dietitian, certified personal trainer or licensed integrated healthcare professional?
  • A registered and/or licensed healthcare professional in good standing?
  • Interested in practicing lifestyle medicine and preventative care?
  • Available for a minimum of four appointments per week?

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