SalusWell is the optimal solution for Lifestyle Care that focuses on prevention and chronic disease management. Ultimately treating the cause and not the symptoms for healthier life.


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Health Promotion and Lifestyle Medicine!

Have You Heard of Lifestyle Medicine?  Is It an Answer to Health Care? If you knew how to reverse, prevent and even stop many of the diseases that adults in the US are faced with, wouldn’t you think our healthcare system would be encouraging it at every opportunity? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our healthcare system is more like a band aid solution where it quickly acts to stop the...

Where to Start for Healthy Eating

I am so glad you are here asking yourself where you should start. I know your head is swimming with so many things you need to do, should do, must do. It can be daunting. THE WHY Start with your why for eating healthier. Why do you want to eat better? No, not because your doctor told you to, or you overheard the lady getting coffee in front of you talking about...

What to Tackle First for Healthy Eating

Many people have a good sense of what healthy eating changes they need to make, but have trouble deciding on WHAT to tackle first. I love doing a lifestyle mapping exercise with clients to cut through the overwhelm to answer this question -- what to tackle first. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line with an arrow on both sides down the center of your paper from top to bottom. At the...